Dr. Silcox and his family have experienced firsthand, the devastation of the Opioid Epidemic. Click on the link below to learn how he changed from a passive parent observer, to an active advocate to help educate parents and youth about the perils a lackadaisical attitude about the deadly topic can have.

In addition, how Dr. Silcox has taken his skills and developed them to learn how to work with addicts through the path to sobriety with a treatment that is known simply as NADA (meaning nothing) NADA is an acupuncture treatment program that helps reconnect the addict to his/her inner spirit and begin the healing process.

NADA has been in existence since 1974 as a treatment approach and since 1984 as an organized association. NADA is practiced around the world for addictions, but also to help peoples in extreme duress in times of crisis. (hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes)

About Us

Prior to November 12, 2016, the topic of addiction was something that I couldn’t relate to very much.

After all, I had spent the previous 38 years of my live working with patients trying to alleviate pain and prevent them from having to resort to the stronger drugs with a potentially addictive nature to them.

I remember patients coming in the mid 1990’s saying that their doctor would only prescribe Motrin 800’s or Tylenol III w/ codeine or something comparable.

Things were pretty much status quo until 2011, when my son had all his wisdom teeth pulled and he had 30 Percocet’s prescribed for pain. He wasn’t living with me at the time, but from what I understand, there came a marked difference in him. I didn’t see him except mostly at holiday’s or when he needed a chiropractic adjustment, or occasionally $20 here or there.

But in mid 2016, that changed and he was needing money more frequently after a roommate left rather abruptly. When I asked him about it in late August, that was the first time I heard the word heroin from him. I knew absolutely nothing about it but was scared to death.

He knew he had a problem and agreed to go to a detox/rehab program. He left in mid October and returned November 9, 2016. He looked great and because I knew nothing about the drug addiction world, I thought he was almost cured and had this licked. No one at the rehab facility said a word at how fragile he was or susceptible to relapse. Three days later, he was dead.

In the time since Joe died, I have learned so much more that I want to know about heroin, fenatnyl, methamphetamine, krokodyl, etc. The fact is that there are illegal drugs that are stealing our youth and creating a MAJOR hole in our next generation. So much so that I have entitled it “The Swiss Cheese Generation”

Now, at the 40 year anniversary of my graduation from chiropractic school, I find myself in a “Grand Canyon” so to speak. After 40 years of practice I feel I’ve earned a rest. The word “retirement” has a new meaning and attraction to it.

However, the fact that more Americans have died in the last 3 years due to accidental Opioid overdose than died in the 20 years of the Vietnam War, has renewed my batteries to keep working. Especially knowing that my own son was one of those that died in 2016.

And knowing that he realized how deep in he was, and that he had taken strides to get clean and sober makes it hurt even worse.

So when I hear the arguments of “choice vs. disease” come into play, based on the research I’ve seen, it’s a no brainer to me.

Yes, I agree, he took the Percocet that the doctor prescribed for him after his wisdom teeth were pulled. But with what I know now, I am fully convinced that by the end of that prescription, he had crossed over the line and was an addict.

At one point in that initial talk with him in August of 2016, he made two comments that have kept coming to my mind.

  1. He talked about being a functional addict

  2. He said” I know what I’m doing Dad. I’m not going to let it kill me”

Since Joe died on November 12, 2016, I have learned how bad the Opiate crisis is in here in Sandusky County, in Ohio, and our country as a whole. This is something that is not going away anytime soon.

Sober, clear minded people, parents, teachers, law enforcement, youth pastors, counselors, lawyers and judges; ALL need to work together on the same team, playing different positions for the same goal. Guiding youth and saving as many people as possible while trying to fill in the holes that are like “Swiss Cheese” in our family trees.

I have aligned myself with law enforcement, municipalities, schools service organizations and others as an educator, awareness advocate and am willing to stand on corners, rooftops, platforms, podiums and stages to wake people up and not be complacent or nonchalant. I know firsthand what lack of knowledge on the subject costs. I guarantee, you don’t want to feel the cost.

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